[★] Important: Incomplete and suspicious registrations will be rejected. Please make sure to provide appropriate academic or industrial affiliations. If you are an independent researcher,  please mention so in your grand-challenge (GC) profile. 

[] If your registration request gets rejected: Make sure you update your affiliation and drop us a mail with your GC-username.

[★] Timeline of the essential announcements reg. VerSe20:

  • [08 Aug 2020] Phase-1 submissions are now closed! Thank you are for submissions. We will get back to you individually with instructions for the next phase.

  • [04 August 2020] Evaluation portal for test-phase-1 is now online

  • [04 August 2020] The submission system will be down for ~2 hours (from 1430 CET) to prepare it for the test phase.

  • [03 August 2020] The test data for phase-1 is released! Get the 100 cases on the Data page.

  • [03 August 2020] Participant requests will no longer be approved till the conclusion of the challenge (04 October 2020)!

  • [04 July 2020] The dates for the test phases have been postponed by two weeks!

  • [09 June 2020] The entire training data of 100 cases is now released! Get it on the Data page.

  • [18 May 2020] After a few IT-related hurdles, the first set of the training data is now released!

  • [16 May 2020] The data is undergoing the last round of checks. It will be released in batches over the weekend.

  • [20 Apr 2020] The challenge timeline has been updated. Participation requests will be approved towards the training data release date.